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Our Process


Step 1: Free Estimate

Before any work is done we will assess the damage on your vehicle and give you and/or your insurance company a complete and written estimate of work. This will include transparent pricing and time to complete.


Step 2: Vehicle Prep

All damaged parts will be taken off, as well as the damaged layers of paint. Sometimes during this step we will find damage that wasn’t seen during step one, if that is the case you will be alerted.


Step 3: Body Work

All structural damage will be repaired. Dents, tears and scratches will be mended. All metal will be primed, sealed and protected with the repair area being cleaned, sanded and ready for paint.


Step 4: Paint

First, the area will be pressure washed and chemically treated. Then, the area will be taped off and paints mixed. Once all the prep work is complete it will be painted.

For Question and Inquiries


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